Tata Harrier launched: Your next car is here

The day has finally come and it is all official. You may already know a lot about the Tata’s first launch of the year – the Tata Harrier! But here’s why it is your next car!

First a little about the Harrier if you don’t know who she is. If you do, still read to know why it is your next car!

The madly awaited Tata Harrier started its journey as the H5X concept showcased at the Auto Expo 2018 – the first and the last time I saw it in person. It is the first vehicle to sport the Impact Design 2.0 language of Tata Motors – all the stunning exterior design and lovely interiors – all of those.

Tata H5X Concept at the Auto Expo 2018

Tell me more!

So the important stuff. Why is the Harrier a milestone in Tata Motors new journey that started with the Tiago?

The Tiago changed the path for Tata and put it on its way to success. The Tata Harrier is the next big step in the same direction. Six reasons why the Harrier is a distinctive and important product – and possibly your next car too!

The Reasons:

One, this is the first product that utilizes the knowledge, resources and the expertise from Tata’s Jaguar Land Rover stable. The Harrier is based on the OMEGA (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced) Architecture that has derived from Land Rover’s DB Platform that underpins the Land Rover Discovery. Tata in collaboration with the Jaguar Land Rover team has developed the OMEGA Architecture platform to meet the needs of Indian conditions and tested already for over 2.2 million kilometers over every possible type of terrain

Two, the safety features of the Harrier – which should be really one of the first things talked about any car – are really the best in class. It comes with 6 Airbags (Driver, Co-Driver, Side Seat and Curtain Airbags), an advanced Electronic Stability Program (ESP) with 14 added functionalities to provide stability in difficult driving conditions.

Three,the engine is a new Fiat sourced Multijet 2.0, here rebadged by Tata as the Kryotec 2.0 Diesel engine that produces 140 PS of power and 350 Nm of torque. It comes with an Advanced Electronically Controlled Variable Geometry Turbocharger (eVGT) that gives an excellent low-end torque and linear power delivery with low carbon footprint.

You get this engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox – only one configuration at the moment. The engine has been optimized for a good balance between power and fuel economy. You get three drive modes – Eco, City & Speed, and those mated to ESP Terrain Response Modes (Normal, Rough & Wet) is a sure way to get effortless handling over every kind of terrain with a steering which has been also tuned for excellent driving feedback. The suspensions also have been specially tuned. The front suspensions and hydra bush have been carried over from the Land Rover DB Platform, the rear twist blade suspension has been specially designed by Lotus Engineering UK.

And I almost forgot about kitna deti hai aka fuel efficiency, the number claimed by the company is 16.7 kmpl – better than the XUV500 (15.7 kmpl) and less than the Jeep Compass (17.1 kmpl) & Hyundai Creta (19.6 kmpl).

Four, the entertainment inside is a blast. There is a floating island style touchscreen infotainment system that has an 8.8-inch display with a 320W RMS JBL Audio System with not 2, 4, 6, 8 but 9 speakers! Those 9-speakers are in the following configuration: 4-speakers, 4-tweeters and 1 sub-woofer! A sub-woofer! The infotainment system supports both Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Tata has their own ‘ConnectNext’ App Suite that works seamlessly to provide navigation, music streaming, a smart remote, a smart manual for the car and more. It also supports Video playback and Image display, Voice Recognition & SMS Readout, Voice Alerts and many more smaller things!

And I almost forgot about the 7-inch colored TFT display Instrument Cluster! You can also easily mirror media, phone and navigation between the infotainment and the instrument cluster screens!

Five, the looks and the interiors! The first time I saw it in the form of the H5X Concept at the Auto Expo, it was a mesmerizing and futuristic design. The cherry on the cake was the part where Tata announced to keep the production model looking almost exactly like it was in the concept form! And here we have the Harrier finally! It has the contemporary SUV design proportions along with a floating roof, bold chrome finisher, flared wheel arches, dual function LED DRLs accentuating it’s overall bold presence. The interiors are clean, clutter-free, very practical. High-quality materials and color combinations give a premium and luxurious feel once you sit inside

I have a video showing the interiors of the Harrier but I am facing some issue with embedding it in the post itself. Till then here’s a link to the same: https://youtu.be/ipKBB_8vDck Do check it out!

Six, the last nail in the coffin (of its competition), the pricing. The Harrier is available in four variants – XE, XM, XT and XZ. There are five color options to choose from – Calisto Copper, the only color you must have seen the Harrier in till now, Thermisto Gold, Ariel Silver, Telesto Grey & Orcus White. (Yes there is no black or even a blue or a red option on the Harrier – maybe in the future Tata?). Coming back to the pricing, it seals the whole package in such a way that it even leaves the Cheetahs **cough cough** behind! 😀

Starting at Rs 12.69 lakhs ex-showroom Mumbai! That’s it! The competition if you may ask are the Hyundai Creta, Mahindra XUV500, and the upcoming Kia SUV. Here are the prices for each of the variants from the launch:

Prices for the Tata Harrier start at ₹12.69 lakhs ex-showroom Mumbai
All prices Ex-showroom Mumbai

Okay, so…

There are also a few perks. You also get a scale model of the Harrier if you book it, but confirm this with your local dealer. Once the car starts delivery, the scale model could be available for purchasing separately too as per my sources

I am yet to see the Harrier personally, though it does seem like a very interesting car! I am concerned about how it will affect the Tata Hexa. Tt is closely priced & also has a 4×4 option. But if I do compare it with the competition, you heard me already on that.

For a detailed brochure and to book your Harrier check out their official website: https://harrier.tatamotors.com

Do let me know what do you think about the Harrier in the comments below. Or even if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me on Instagram or Facebook! I’ll reply, promise!

Hey Tata, a side note if you are reading this – I still haven’t met the Tata Harrier in person. I would love to have a chance to get to know her. Can you please arrange me a date with your beautiful daughter? 😜

Yours truly, The Best CAR Blog Ever

Looking back at 2017

As the year is going to end in a few hours, I think it comes naturally to sit down, look back at what happened during the year. Almost everyone on my Instagram feed is sharing their best nine photos, and everyone on my facebook feed is sharing their holiday pictures or ‘we-got-no-plans-for-new-years-eve’ jokes.

And I am here sitting and writing down this post, especially for those who plan to spend their New Years Eve doing some reading on the Internet! 😀 Let’s get to some of the best things, worst things, lessons of 2017.

January 2017

I welcomed the new year with this quote and tried to stick with it!

“Never let your failures go to your heart or you success go to your head” – Soichiro Honda.

And then followed it up with multiple dates with the Tata Hexa. First I got to experience the capabilities of the Hexa at the Tata Hexa Experience event in Mumbai! And then the Tata Hexa was officially launched a few days later. Just as I thought that January couldn’t get better, there was the Autocar Performance Show that I got to attend. Amidst all the good cars, I also got to see John Abraham at the opening ceremony of the APS 2017! 😀

Go to Instagram to see more posts!!

February 2017

And then came the date with one of the hottest hatch in the country – the Volkswagen GTI! And this was an experience I cannot forget! This two-door beast left me so speechless, I ended up making my first video of 2017 to share the experience with you! xD Check out this post to read a little about what GTI is and see the video below!

And then February ended in a very classic way with the VCCCI Vintage Car Fiesta 2017!

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No. 127 – 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia at the VCCCI Vintage Car Fiesta 2017! . . Know the story behind this long name? Post-war, VW was doing good with the economy car Beetle. Since there was an increase in the living standards of the people, VW decided to add a flagship sports car to its model range. So it gave a contract to Karmann, a German coachbuilder, for its manfacture. He in turn contracted it to an Italian firm Ghia, who made the fresh styling for this car! 😁 It first debuted at the Paris Auto Show in October 1953 and more than 10000 were sold in the first year (1955)! . . The car was later superseded by the Volkswagen Scirocco and Porsche 914. #tbcbehistory . #thebestcarblogever .

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March 2017

March was filled with dates with the Honda WR-V & the Tata Tigor. Two different yet stylish looking cars of 2017!

Mors photos and videos are on Instagram!

April 2017

April was the best as it started with meeting my creative self again after a long time! I started with the #100DaysOfSketchingCars campaign. And then I couldn’t continue with it sadly, but it’s never too late and you never know! Positive hopes!

Check out the sketches I made on this separate page that I will definitely try to update with more soon.

May 2017

May was a little slow, I guess too hot for any car manufacturer to host any events and for me to do anything. 😛 I know it sounds like an excuse but what more can I say about my laziness. I did post one interesting photo on Instagram and here it is!

June 2017

It started with making new friends and forging relations with a place that I didn’t know I would keep re-visiting! I attended the re-opening of the 3S showroom and facility of Mercedes-Benz Shaman Wheels, which was accompanied by the launch of the E-Class E220d. And as the rains started, I finally went on a short road trip with one of my brother-from-another-mother. Just the perfect way to enjoy the rains!!

July 2017

July was a mixed bag. Two sketches, one spotting, one time where I lost two wheels and when for a two-wheeler event 😀 and one post about a friend who took time and efforts to show love to his ‘Jewel’ Ciaz!

August 2017

Someone helped me change my perceptions of Hybrids, especially a Toyota Prius! 😀 Thank you!!

September 2017

It started with an event at Mercedes-Benz Shaman Wheels – Celebrating Bertha Benz and the women who love cars! Although not much of a wedding season here in India, a friend got committed to his love – the Jaguar F-PACE! 😀 (Read the post below!) And then I went on a date with the Tata Nexon on its launch day.

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Once upon a time, there was a boy. He went to the Jaguar showroom. XE was the one he had been thinking about. But then he saw her beautiful sister F-PACE. XE became his EX. And the boy ran away with F-PACE! 😂😂😂 . Congratulations @fla5hburn on your new lady! Treat her well! And make sure you keep going on those long drives with her! 😁😉 . Looks like ironman in this shot! 😜 . #newcar #jaguar #jaguarxe #jaguarfpace #thebestcarblogever . #jaguarxf #jagaurxfrs #jaguarxj #jaguarxjl #jaguarxkr #jaguarxkrs #jaguarftype #car #suv #ironman #jaguarlove #jaguarindia #carlife #carlifestyle #cars #carcrazy #loveforcars #carporn #carsofinstagram #carsindia #automotivedesign #automobile #automotive #lifestyle #motivation

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October 2017

As the year came closer, I think it just became more and more exciting! I went on a spotting spree, a classic one, mind you! And I also did my first Instagram series: “Things Car Manufacturers don’t do anymore!” It was a herculean task making this one happen and I am really glad I could do it! Go check this post where I have them summarized!

November 2017

My birthday month couldn’t get any better than this! Spotted a Lancer Evo IX, a first-time seeing it for real and feeling the Evo-lutionary vibes I also attended the launch of the Land Rover Discovery but I could neither post anything about it on my blog here nor on Instagram. 🙁 One more thing happened, met someone I look up to and feel inspired by – I’ll reveal about it in the next week in my Instagram stories. Don’t forget to follow if you aren’t already! There is one more news – even I got committed just like my friend got hooked in September! Revealing her next week!! 😀

And I couldn’t imagine ending November like the way I did – driving the Ford Mustang GT!!

More Mustang on my Instagram!

December 2017

December has been quiet for me – but not for the rest of Mumbai, because we had a Ferrari 70th Anniversary celebration Drive! I couldn’t attend it because of personal commitments. 🙁 Much of December has been kind of a throwback, as I shared some previous pending posts and tried to converse with as many people as possible.

Thank You 2017!

I also made a lot of new friends across this eventful year – you guys know who you are – and I hope we keep talking, meeting and sharing the love for cars! Thanks for being a part of my journey so far!

I won’t make any resolutions for the coming year, but I know there is a lot I can do and I will do! Keep watching! See you in 2018! Till then drive safe!

Tata Nexon launched in Mumbai

Tata Nexon launched in Mumbai – First Review, Features, Pricing

Tata Motors launched the much-awaited compact SUV, the Tata Nexon. This is the 4th product that follows Tata’s new ‘Impact Design‘ philosophy after the Tiago, Hexa and the Tigor. And I must admit, Tata has really made a massive change in the impression I once had for Tata cars design-wise.

The exterior styling is coupe-inspired and feels really new, breaking out of the traditional boxy design for a compact SUV. The Tata Nexon comes with a dual tone exterior colour scheme, featuring Ivory White accents around the fog lamps on the front, across the shoulder line which merges at the back creating an X-shaped structure. The roof gets a sonic silver colour treatment, giving the Nexon its signature appearance.

It’s got projector headlamps for high-intensity road illumination, along with some stylish & distinctive feline-eye shaped Daytime Running Lights too. And the taillamps, it seems Tata has themselves decided to make use of after-market ones, that give it a really futuristic look.

Engine, Gearbox & Numbers of the Tata Nexon

First, I’ll go through what Tata has brought to the table with the new Nexon. Tata Nexon comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox in both Petrol and Diesel. These are the new 1.2L turbocharged Petrol and 1.5L turbocharged Diesel engines that Tata developed for the Nexon. Both the engines have been tuned to give superior performance. And when coupled with 3 Drive Modes (City, Eco & Sport), it will let you decide how you want the engine to perform. Tata Nexon is available in manual only now but an AMT version is slated to be available mostly in 2018.

Numbers for the Revotron 1.2L Petrol engine: 110PS of power and 170Nm of max torque.
Numbers for the Revotorq 1.5L Diesel engine: 110PS of power and 260Nm of max torque.

With the engine aside, let me tell you some more interesting things about the Nexon. It has one of the best ground clearance – 209mm. This is also thanks to the 16″ wheels with machine-cut alloys that look attractive. And to top it up, it has the lowest turning radius with EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering).

Interiors of the Tata Nexon

On the inside, it comes with a unique-looking three tone central console. This console also houses the ConnectNext Infotainment system – a 6.5″ floating touchscreen supporting connectivity via Android Auto. It is combined with an 8 -speaker system tuned by Harman for the perfect surround sound effect (on the top-end variant only). There is also a host of apps that support voice interaction for navigation, music control, making calls, reading and replying to Whatsapp messages. In addition to this, you also get voice alerts for warning functions, and such as, when you change Drive Mode as well.

The Tata Nexon comes with 350L of storage, which can be expanded using the 60:40 splitting and folding rear seats to make up to 690L of storage space. In terms of practicality, there are 31 utility spaces, mainly to keep a few water bottles, hold your cup of caffeine, and a dedicated slot for storing your umbrella too!

Features List

Some other, now common, but interesting features are Push-button Start, Smart Remote key with electric tailgate unlock & approach lamps, passive entry & passive start, reverse camera with dynamic guideways, reverse parking sensors, power adjustable & retractable outside mirrors, automatic climate control with rear AC vents. The electrically assisted Power Steering has Phone & Media controls mounted on it.


On the safety part, the Tata Nexon comes with features like ISOFIX Child Restrain System for rear seats, dual front airbags and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with corner stability control as standard across all variants. It also comes with adjustable front & rear headrests for impact protection, brake assist for shorter stopping distance in emergency braking.

Variants, Color & Pricing

The Tata Nexon will be available in four trims: XE, XM, XT & XZ+ and 5 colour options: Vermont Red, Moroccan Blue, Seattle Silver, Glasgow Grey & Calgary White. One of the biggest deciding factors for the success of the Nexon has to be pricing. It has both the advantage & disadvantage of being late to the party. But it has allowed Tata to take care of what has been missing on some of the competition. The biggest disadvantage for the Nexon is the loss of market share to best-selling competitors at the moment. But the way Tata has priced the Nexon, it can regain it if the Nexon sells in good numbers, which I hope will be the case. The pricing of the Nexon is as follows:

XE XM XT XZ+ XZ+ with
Dual Tone Roof*
Petrol 5,87,000 6,51,900 7,31,900 8,46,900 8,61,900
Diesel 6,87,000 7,41,900 8,16,900 9,31,900 9,46,900

*Dual-tone roof option available only with Moroccan Blue & Vermont Red body colour.

Final First Impressions:

This was the first time I had seen the Nexon in flesh. It has a very distinctive body styling, unlike the competition. Looking at the images, you might have mixed feelings about it. But if you are in the market to buy a new compact SUV this festive season, be sure to ‘experience’ the Nexon – see it, drive it, feel it. It might just cut out and be the one for you, especially the diesel one. For more details on the Tata Nexon, check its website here.

There are going to be some experience events for the Nexon, called the Nexon Skill Arena, in multiple cities soon. Keep an eye out for them as they should be a really good place to test the hell of out the Nexon.

I’m looking forward to doing a test-drive of the Nexon myself. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below or message me on Instagram: @thebestcarblogever. Follow me for more updates! 🙂 Drive Safe!