Dangers of Drunk Driving [Infographic]

I got a mail from Andrew [Alex] who is a member of ‘Teens 4 Safety’  where he with the other members try to spread resources that they think are informative. By doing this, they hope to make connections with other people who can share their years of car knowledge with us.

BTW, They also has a website at [http://teencartalk.com] where they discuss car types, car parts, car technology and many more car related topics.

He came across an awesome link where they explain drinking and driving dangers better than anything I’ve seen so far!

Here is the link : [http://www.sr22insurancequotes.org/dangers-of-drunk-driving/]
and below is a quick grab of the website just so that it interests you to have a look at it! I hope this link is useful! Also don’t forget to spread the word… 🙂

Dangers of Drunk Driving
Dangers of Drunk Driving – Awesome Animated Wesbite!

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  1. Would you mind very much if I reblogged this. I would also like to include your quote…”It is important that if you love cars..you should live for them and not die because of them”… Thanks, Debbie

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