The Case of the Wheel Case

After looking at these photos of the case, I wished I had an iPhone 5 to put one on it!

If you have an iPhone 5 or 5S or a 5c, then you can order one of these and show me a photo of how (awesome) they look on your apple! These cases are currently only available with Addonz in India. Head onto their site to check them out and order them!

You’re still here? Go buy one for your iPhone and show it to me now!!! Acha okay, after it’s delivered. I’ll Keep Calm! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Sketch Update!

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What comes after B?? C? No, Mercedes says A!

Well your logic (and your primary education will tell you πŸ˜› ) that C comes after B… But Mercedes has different plans! After launching the B-Class in India in September last year, Mercedes has decided to launch their A-Class on May 30, 2013.

The A-Class A180
The A-Class A180

While B-Class is currently the cheapest premium offering from Mercedes, with the price varying around Rs23-25 lakhs (depending on the variant), the A-class just might take its tag away. Prices of the A-Class are expected to start at Rs 22 lakh which is quite attractive if you can avoid thinking of it as just an ordinary β€˜hatch’ and have enough money too!

Th B-Class B-180
Th B-Class B-180

The current B-Class comes with a four-cylinder in-line, 1595cc, direct-injection, turbo-petrol engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch box. A 1.8-litre diesel motor will join the petrol unit later this year. The B-Class has two cars in the current market, the B-180 and the B-180 Sport.

You can find the comparison here.

Unlike most other Mercedes on sale in India, the A-Class car is not well suited to being chauffeured around in (even I wouldn’t want to be driven around in this one πŸ˜› ) . With its confident profile and sporty roofline, the A-Class is targeted more at owner-drivers. Mercedes is hoping that the extremely youthful design of the car, the very modern interiors and its sporty driving dynamics will appeal to the young and the young at heart, just like it has done in Europe; where the car is currently a runaway success.

The A-Class A180
The A-Class A180 has got the Angel-Eyes!

When Mercedes launches the new A-Class at the end of May, the first pair of models to hit our shores will be the A180 CDI diesel (108bhp) and the A180 petrol (121bhp). The A-Class might not be an instant hit and a volume seller for sure, but the new A-Class will deliver many of the luxurious trappings of a Mercedes in a very attractive and modern package to those who opt for it…

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New CAR Posts Will be up soon!

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