#HangoutWithHonda Sneak Peak

TBCBE had been on a #HangoutWithHonda all the way to Aamby Valley City, Lonavala on November 9. All the experiences and the fun will be here soon in another blog post till then here is a sneak peek! 😉 Enjoy! 🙂

My visit to CAR garages in Mumbai!!

On November 6, I got a chance to visit two CAR garages here in Mumbai with my dad. Both belonged to his old-time friends who have been in this work for close to 45 years. The experience was a whole lot overwhelming and exciting than I could have ever thought. The first garage is ‘Ashok […]

Lexus IS 2014 by Vossen Wheels

Lexus IS 2014 made better by the Vossen Wheels. Click on the photo to know more… 🙂

Dangers of Drunk Driving [Infographic]

I got a mail from Andrew [Alex] who is a member of ‘Teens 4 Safety’  where he with the other members try to spread resources that they think are informative. By doing this, they hope to make connections with other people who can share their years of car knowledge with us. BTW, They also has […]

Sketch Update!

Sorry for being missing from here! Check out the sketches page of the blog.. i posted a new Sketch there! 😉 Still reading this post?? you didn’t click on that link? 🙁 oh come on..have a look… it’s a Honda!! Now click here to view the sketch 😀 –Sid 🙂

Transformers 4: The CARS and the Truck you’ll get to see in the movie!

While Transformers 4 is set to hit the theatres across the world on June 27, 2014, The Best CAR Blog Ever! has got for you eyes some interesting images of the CARS and the truck you might get to see in the movie… Transformers (2007) was a box office sensation, opening at #1 and made […]

Cars that brought a unique concept to the world

A concept vehicle symbolizes the designer’s vision of styling dynamics and technology that after years shall come to wide acceptance. The prototypes are developed mainly for observing the reactions of viewers over the world. All the collected responses in turn give information about the predictive feasibility of car’s production and marketing in coming times. The […]