Learn how to drive a CAR & impress a girl – the Minions way

Ever wondered how to impress a girl with driving skills or may be your CAR?? Well here’s a simple solution: Learn how to drive a CAR – the Minions way!! 😀

No kidding! Just watch the video! Seriously! 😀

Let me know if this helps you in impressing a girl successfully! 😉 Or even if you like this video too! 🙂

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Cars (Movie)

Cars, one of the finest computer-animated comedy-adventure movie based on Cars produced by Disney PIXAR..


Lightning McQueen, the lead character of this film is a Car based on a generic NASCAR vehicle, design influences from the Mazda Miata and Dodge Viper. Later in the film, he is painted much like the Chevrolet Corvette C1.