Celebrating 100 years of BMW at Bavaria Motors, Pune

My Sunday mornings are lazy. I’m usually asleep till 9am. But April 17th was a bit different. I was up already at 3:30am and getting ready to leave for Pune, Maharashtra. I had a train to catch at around 5.30am. Why? All for the love of Cars! I was invited to attend a BMW Passion Trails event organized by the really cool people at Bavaria Motors at their newly opened Hadapsar facility.

I reached Pune around 9:30am and was on my way to Bavaria Motors Showroom, Camp, Pune. The showroom filled with lots of Bimmers was a very welcoming place! Front and center was the new BMW 7-series! I had been at its launch at the Auto Expo 2016.

After a short tour around the showroom with my camera and a good cup of coffee, I was on my way to Hadapsar which is home to the huge Bavaria Motors Workshop – in a BMW GT! I was feeling so happy in the GT that I forgot to take any pictures of it or with it! 🙁  It’s such a smooth and comfortable car! Believe me – rides well, powerful yet easy to handle, spacious – just perfect. Period. I’ve got some pictures of it!

And in a while, I reached Hadapsar and it was time to spend time with our passions. BMW owners, people passionate about BMWs, and their families were invited take part in the day long event and explore their passions. It was also the first time the all new BMW X1 was showcased in Pune! Also on showcase were some M Performance Accessories and Kits for the BMW 3-series, 5-series and the X5.

First off was the Painting Workshop!

Everyone got a chance to become a kid again, get dirty with colors and paint something out of their creativity. Led by Deb from Group Art Circle, everyone got a chance to paint a masterpiece in their own ways. It was a nice experience for me to get along with some paint – I’ve never been personally as friendly/good with paint as I have been with pencil! And here’s what I was able to make! 😀

Next up was the Photography workshop!

This one was really very interesting. It was more of a Q & A session with the Photography Guru Angad Joshi. While we weren’t left with time to actually go and capture some BMWs we did clear out a lot of myths and misconceptions about the Cameras. Lots of information on the basic science of how the camera functions, what happens when you click that button!

Last was the Drum Circle session!

It was the most tiring (my hands were paining!) yet happening session of all, because everyone got to play drums – West African Djembes more specifically! And did we create some really cool music that evening! All the drumming, jugalbandi was just really cool. Hats off to the organizers TaalInc!

Apart from the event I had the chance to take an unguided tour of the Workshop facility and look what all did I spot!

A very wonderful day indeed – spent with some passion exploration! Wishing BMW the best next 100 years! The BMW Vision was unveiled as a part of the #Next100 celebrations in order to showcase the ideas and thoughts of BMW on how the automotive landscape will evolve and a glimpse of what we will see in the next 100 years!