Formula1 2015

Season Ahead – The Formula One 2015 Calendar

So the F1 Season has finally flagged off today! How many of you were able to catch the Australian Grand Prix?? I missed it, I wish I didn’t. Anyways here is the schedule ahead for the rest of the season! Mark the dates! All the timings are according to the Indian Standard Time (where I reside). If you want to know the time of the race in your time zone, go here.

Formula 1 2015 - Australian Grand Prix
Formula 1 2015 – Australian Grand Prix [Credits]
March 2015

15                    Australian Grand Prix             10:30AM IST  [View Results]

29                    Malaysia Grand Prix               12:30PM IST

April 2015

12                    Chinese Grand Prix                 11:30AM IST

19                    Bahrain Grand Prix                 08:30PM IST

May 2015

10                    Spanish Grand Prix                  05:30PM IST

24                    Monaco Grand Prix                 05:30PM IST

June 2015

07                    Canadian Grand Prix               11:30PM IST

21                    Austrian Grand Prix                05:30PM IST

July 2015

05                    British Grand Prix                   05:30PM IST

19                    German Grand Prix                 05:30PM IST

26                    Hungarian Grand Prix             05:30PM IST

August 2015

23                    Belgian Grand Prix                  05:30PM IST

September 2015

06                    Italian Grand Prix                    05:30PM IST

20                    Singapore Grand Prix              05:30PM IST

27                    Japanese Grand Prix               10:30AM IST

October 2015

11                    Russian Grand Prix                  03:30PM IST

26                    United States Grand Prix        12:30AM IST

November 2015

02                    Mexican Grand Prix                12:30AM IST

15                    Brazilian Grand Prix                09:30PM IST

29                    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix             06:30PM IST

Hope we have a wonderful and exciting season ahead! 🙂