✋ Hello 2016!

Hello everyone!✋ Sid here! Its time to kick start 2016, a new year for my blog and make it much better than 2015 (it was bad, just 2 posts)!

Anyways, without ranting much about the last year, lets get started with what lies ahead in 2016. Two things happen at the start of a new year, in India especially – 🏆 Bollywood Award Shows and Auto Shows! And its obvious where I and you would be interested in (and that’s why you’re here) – the latter one!

First of the list of Auto Shows happening around the world in 2016 is the Detroit Motor Show aka North American International Auto Show. I couldn’t go for the Auto Show (maybe next year, fingers crossed), but I’ll definitely summarize it in the next blog post (post #2 for 2016), highlight the best of the Detroit, and what got me excited. So watch out for that! The auto show is still going on until the 24th of January, so if anyone reading this post, staying anywhere close to Detroit hasn’t been to the Auto Show, go have some fun!

😍 Treat your eyes, 📷 click some pictures and 📩 send me some too!

Once I have the Detroit Auto Show covered in my next blog post, I’ll be starting preparations to attend my first Auto Show of 2016 – in person.

The Best CAR Blog Ever is ✈ going to the Auto Expo 2016!

It’s going to be an awesome year! Stay tuned, subscribe to my posts, like & follow my blog on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram (yes, we’re now on Instgram too!) so that you don’t miss out on any of the wonderful posts coming your way this year! Keep coming back to my blog. Have a wonderful year ahead! 🙂

Happy Birthday #PaulWalker!

Paul Walker, may have gone, but he still lives on in the hearts of his family, Fast family and the millions of fans worldwide!

Today would have been Paul’s 42nd birthday! To mark the celebrations on this day, Meadow Walker, Paul’s daughter has announced and launched a new Foundation in her father’s name ‘Paul Walker Foundation’ with a simple mission #DoGood! The Foundation will work towards helping the ocean leaders of tomorrow in protecting the oceans, the wildlife and ourselves.

Meadow and Paul Walker [Source]
Members from the Fast Family have come forward in support of Meadow in achieving this goal and making this the best gift for Paul!

The Internet has gone crazy, for someone managed to do a mashup of ‘See You Again’ and ‘Kal Ho Naa Ho’. Yes you read that right! After watching it , I don’t know what to say! But the Bollywood fans too miss him I guess! Check it out here .   UPDATE: The video was deleted mostly due copyright issues or something.

And Vin Diesel as always let his emotions out about his brother Pablo!

Its been two years since the tragic incident took Paul away from us. But he will stay alive in the memories of all the fans (like me)! He’ll always be in our hearts! #WeMissUPaul! #SeeYouAgain!

And as Paul said:

“When you put good will out there it’s amazing what can be accomplished.”

– Paul Walker
Formula1 2015

Season Ahead – The Formula One 2015 Calendar

So the F1 Season has finally flagged off today! How many of you were able to catch the Australian Grand Prix?? I missed it, I wish I didn’t. Anyways here is the schedule ahead for the rest of the season! Mark the dates! All the timings are according to the Indian Standard Time (where I reside). If you want to know the time of the race in your time zone, go here.

Formula 1 2015 - Australian Grand Prix
Formula 1 2015 – Australian Grand Prix [Credits]
March 2015

15                    Australian Grand Prix             10:30AM IST  [View Results]

29                    Malaysia Grand Prix               12:30PM IST

April 2015

12                    Chinese Grand Prix                 11:30AM IST

19                    Bahrain Grand Prix                 08:30PM IST

May 2015

10                    Spanish Grand Prix                  05:30PM IST

24                    Monaco Grand Prix                 05:30PM IST

June 2015

07                    Canadian Grand Prix               11:30PM IST

21                    Austrian Grand Prix                05:30PM IST

July 2015

05                    British Grand Prix                   05:30PM IST

19                    German Grand Prix                 05:30PM IST

26                    Hungarian Grand Prix             05:30PM IST

August 2015

23                    Belgian Grand Prix                  05:30PM IST

September 2015

06                    Italian Grand Prix                    05:30PM IST

20                    Singapore Grand Prix              05:30PM IST

27                    Japanese Grand Prix               10:30AM IST

October 2015

11                    Russian Grand Prix                  03:30PM IST

26                    United States Grand Prix        12:30AM IST

November 2015

02                    Mexican Grand Prix                12:30AM IST

15                    Brazilian Grand Prix                09:30PM IST

29                    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix             06:30PM IST

Hope we have a wonderful and exciting season ahead! 🙂

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II now in India!

Rolls Royce India unveiled the face-lifted Ghost Series II here on November 7, 2014. It was launched in Mumbai and ‘The Best CAR Blog Ever’ was invited to the event.

Since the launch of the Rolls Royce Ghost first in 2009, it has been the ultimate mark of success for  entrepreneurs, business people & celebrities too here in India. As a matter of fact, the Ghost has been a very successful Rolls Royce all around the world. People who buy it have been served by the Ghost as both – a business tool for the business week and an engaging driving experience for leisure during the weekends.

India is one of the top 5 markets in Asia-Pacific for the Rolls Royce Ghost. It is also an important market, which is significant from the fact that Rolls Royce has five dealerships across the country, a big number for a super luxury car maker. The India-bound Ghosts are also the most Bespoke in the world with most having some or the other made-to-order content.

Sven Ritter, General Manager for Rolls Royce Motor Cars Asia-Pacific, who unveiled the car along with Mr Sharad Kachalia of Navnit Motors, explained, “In Ghost Series II, customers will find the same level of exclusivity, quality and perfection that is quintessentially Rolls Royce. Ghost has been the leading choice in India.”

The new Ghost is majorly a face-lift on the front, with noticeable changes on the exterior and a few updates on the interior, while the rear and the engine continue from the earlier Ghost.

Here is a comprehensive list of changes/updates on the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II:

  • Redesigned LED headlights framed by Day-time Running Lights (DRL)
  • Re-sculptured bumper that gives a wider and dynamic stance
  • A new bonnet design that features tapered ‘wake channel’ (see the photo)
  • New paint and wheel options.
  • Redesigned front seats which includes electronically adjustable thigh supports and depth adjustment.
  • Rear seats have been slightly re-angled to augment easy communication with fellow passengers.
  • Suspension enhancements
  • Satellite Aided Transmission as standard – it uses GPS and mapping data to make sure that the car is always in the correct gear when negotiating turns, motorway exits and roundabouts.
  • New optional 21-inch forged wheels and standard 19-inch wheels
  • Bespoke Audio – finest hardware and latest connectivity options in an exhaustively designed automotive hi-fi system.

The Ghost Series II comes with the 8-speed ZF gearbox and continues with the same engine as the earlier Ghost: the 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine generating a Max Power of 563bhp @ 5250rpm and Max Torque of 780Nm @ 1500rpm. It can do an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h.

There are two variants that are available of the Ghost Series II: Standard Wheel Base and Extended Wheel Base.

Here are the pictures from the event without much ado:


Here is the video of the unveiling:

Here are some photos from after the unveiling:

Last but not the least is the price of the beautiful beast! Rs 4.50 Crore Ex-Showroom (pan India).

Let me know your views about this car! Share your thoughts! 🙂 🙂

#2yearsCelebration #thebestCARblogever


Say hello to the hybrid Lamborghini Asterion [with Photos]

This is the Lamborghini Asterion hybrid. Yes, it is a plug-in hybrid and in terms of design quite different from the previous bulls viz. Egoista, Sesto Elemento and Veneno from Lamborghini.

We are thankful to the European Union, for their emission regulations are the only reason Lamboghini built this stunning Car as a hybrid. The EU is going to introduce new laws in 2021 which Lamborghini and other (super)car makers cannot ignore.

This concept is expected to make it into production during the same time. Hence a hybrid.

Images via Topgear, Jalopnik and Motorionline


The Asterion is a mid-engined two-seater coupé and uses an adapted Aventador carbon fibre monocoque, mostly in the lower section. It has a different roof structure and has a streched wheelbase to create more interior space. The concept car is 4.7m long with Huracan’s stunning 607 bhp 5.2-litre V10 hooked up with a dual-clutch seven-speed rear transaxle auto box. So it is technically a parallel hybrid as the transaxle that incorporates a starter motor and generator, has an electric motor bolted on it. There are two more electric motors on the front axle and between them, they generate 220 kW, which is equal to around 300 bhp.

And where are the batteries? They’re in the central tunnel in place of the propeller shaft. This placement would benefit both safety and the car’s center of gravity.

It surely will better than a Prius. It can do 0-100 kmph / 0-62 mph in just over three seconds while emitting 98 g/km of carbon dioxide.

Thus the Asterion has a LPI-910-4 badge. It’s still an awesome looking concept.

The Badge | via IndianAutosBlog
The Badge | via IndianAutosBlog

Here’s one wallpaper of the Asterion if you would like>> Wallpaper [source unknown]

Lets see how it turns out when it reaches production.
What do you think about this new concept? Will it or won’t it??

The New Generation Mahindra Scorpio

Well well, the new generation Mahindra Scorpio is finally here! The all new mighty muscular, fierce-looking beast has been launched here in Mumbai yesterday and bookings have started pan-India at Mahindra dealerships.

Here is all that you need to know about the new-gen Scorpio, before you decide to buy it:

1. What’s new??
This time around, it is not simply a facelift, it is a new generation. The new Scorpio is based on a completely new platform along with a fresh transmission, better suspension and a new anti-roll technology. This all adds up to improved performance and handling. It certainly is a great improvement over the previous one, and a major improvement over the first Scorpio that was launched in 2002 (12 years and still going strong!).

Changes on the exterior include:

  • Dual Projector Headlamps,
  • stylish LED eyebrows,
  • a new imposing chrome-accented front grille,
  • tough new road Armour bumpers,
  • elegant LED tail lamps, and
  • new 17-inch alloy wheels.

Changes on the interior:

  • New luxurious blue-grey interiors and a dual shaded dashboard,
  • well designed attractive Center Console,
  • a futuristic instrument cluster,
  • a new sporty steering wheel with audio and cruise controls,
  • all new chrome-finished AC vents
  • Also on the inside:
    • new hi-tech 6-inch Touch screen infotainment system with inbuilt GPS navigation,
    • Intellipark reverse assist

Changes in the heart of the vehicle (the engine) include:

  • the same old powerful 2.2 litre, 4-cylinder, turbocharged mHawk engine with a new 5 speed manual transmission gearbox (5MT320 gearbox)

Also new:

  • Shift on Fly 4 Wheel Drive – The New Generation Scorpio is also available in a 4×4 option. The shift on fly 4 Wheel Drive gives you the freedom of driving the vehicle in any kind of terrain.
  • Short Turning Radius – The excellent and much improved turning radius of 5.4 meters enables ease of maneuverability even in the most congested places.
  • New Fog Lamps add to the style and provide better visibility while driving in poor or low/foggy visibility conditions.
  • Side Cladding with silver embossing – The new Scorpio-embossed side cladding adds to the macho styling of the New Generation Scorpio.
  • Smart rain and light sensors – Smart sensors automatically turn the headlights ON or OFF according to light conditions, and control the speed of the wipers according to the rain intensity.
  • Tyre-tronics – a new measuring system that enhances safety by providing live updates of the exact air pressure and temperature in each tyre. Any variation is brought to your immediate attention.
  • Voice Assist System – The New Generation Scorpio’s unique Voice Assist System provides timely reminders for door ajar, seat belt warning, low brake fluid, fuel on reserve, etc.

2. Safety Features:

  • Dual Front Airbags – During a collision, these dual airbags inflate instantly, thereby protecting occupants from serious injury.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) – It prevents skidding and keeps the vehicle steerable and in control during sudden braking, hence avoiding accidents.
  • Crash protection crumple zones absorb most of the impact in case of a collision. The rigid steel bars in the doors reduce impact from the sides.
  • Collapsible Steering Column – In case of a frontal collision the steering column collapses to reduce injury to the driver.
  • Engine Immobilizer – This is an encrypted key recognition system that keeps your New Generation Scorpio safe.  If any other key is used to start the vehicle, the ECU rejects it right away.  This immobilizer system is certified by the globally renowned M/S Thatcham.
  • New Panic Brake Indication – This provides a hazard warning during sudden deceleration while vehicle speed is over 100kmph.
  • New Auto Door Look while driving – once the vehicle speed crosses 20kmph.
  • New Anti-Theft Warning – A warning is provided through a siren upon unauthorized entry.
  • Speed Alert Warning – This provides a warning when the vehicle speed reaches 140kmph. (Hmm!)
  • Anti-Pinch Smart Window – This smart window on the driver’s side detects obstructions during window roll-up and automatically rolls down the glass.

3. Also:

  • New Height Adjuster on driver’s seat – allows the driver to adjust the seat height as per his convenience.
  • New Hydraulic-assisted Bonnet – helps you lift the bonnet without any effort whatsoever.
  • Headlamps with Follow me home & lead me to the vehicle feature – The headlamps remain ON for some time after locking/unlocking the vehicle. This illuminates the path for walking conveniently up to your home or to your New Generation Scorpio. (This is kinda cool, and useful in certain cases!)

4. Major specs: 

mahindra scorpio specs
The Mahindra Scorpio Specsheet

5. Seating options, Colors, Variants & Price:

The New Generation Scorpio will be available in multiple seating configurations: 7-, 8- & 9-seater options. The Scorpio will available in total 5 cool color options: Diamond White, Fiery Black, Molten Red (new), Regal Blue (new), and Mist Silver.

Variant Ex-Showroom (in ₹)
S2 7,97,583
S4 8,59,888
S4 4WD 9,71,558
S6 9,77,328
S6 Plus 10,04,780
S8 10,84,396
S10 11,46,161
S10 4WD 12,54,984

These are the current prices for the six major variants plus two 4WD variants of the new Scorpio.

For prices for your city, go to: http://www.mahindrascorpio.com/mahindra-scorpio-buyers.aspx?id=price

I’ve tried to collate pics of various colors of the Scorpio to give a definite idea about the changes on the exterior, well that’s what the others get to see! 😉 😀

Image Credits: Overdrive, ZigWheels, AutoCAR India and NDTV Auto.
Some useful links if you are really looking to buy this car:
E-Brochure: http://www.mahindrascorpio.com/images/mahindra_scorpio_brochure.pdf
Official Website: http://www.mahindrascorpio.com/

Initial Reviews by:
ZigWheels // NDTV-Auto // AutoCAR India // OverDrive

Let me know what you think about the #NewGenScorpio! Will you buy one?? Share your views in the comments below! 🙂

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